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«The creation of the estate was initially a major encounter, one grounded upon a common passion shared by three people. 
A love for all these places which, through the intermediary of a translator
and the obstinacy of determined individuals, give rise to great wines. »

Domaine D’Ouréa, created in 2009 by Adrien Roustan, is located in the heart of the Vaucluse department, in the municipalities of Vacqueyras and Gigondas, in the southern part of the Cotes du Rhône .

After studying wine and his professional experience in Burgundy and California, Adrien Roustan took over part of the estate of his grandfather, Raymond Bertrand. In his first year, he converted the vineyard into an organic farming and obtained the certification in 2012. 

This change in the relationship with nature was a no-brainer for him to propose wines that reflect the different terroirs of his vineyard.

“In Greek mythology, Gaia, the Mother Earth gives birth to several children, one of whom she calls “Ouréa”, the God of the Mountains, it is a nod to the highest plot of the estate that is found in the Dentelles

agriculture biologique cheval de labour Culture en biodynamie, vin bio

Agriculture is a work of patience, it took us more than 10 years to get nature back on track and achieve an organic balance in the vineyards and our wines. The move to Bio-Dynamism is for him the continuity of his philosophy and decided in 2020 to convert his fields into Bio-Dynamism. It is a new history of the estate that is being written to give birth to great wines of the Côtes du Rhône.

With the help of Hissam Jait and seasonal workers, Adrien has formed a small team close-knit and dedicated to the work of the vineyard and the cellar on a daily basis. Vine pruning, paling, planting, ploughing… everything is done manually by the team. The plots are worked in a natural way in search of the balance between grapes and terroirs for the production of artistic, elegant and lightly light wines.

The harvest is manual all over the vineyard in order to respect the grapes right down to the vat. He is a fan and a devotee of the manual harvest that allows to give bright, fresh and radiant wines.

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